Winter 2002. It's a time of change and of a soon-to-happen collapse. There are those who have just finished secondary school, being stuck in civilian service, or in their own idle uselessness. Others have already moved on, failing in their first course of studies. Six very different young men gather, even though they have nothing in common but music – or maybe exactly just because of that. They are young and angry, equipped only with a lack of knowledge about music, let alone life in general. Yet nothing can keep the creative minds of that sextet from writing songs. Each in his own individual way, they are all haunted by finding and maintaining their identities and by the downsides of love. They manage to play 13 concerts with this band which they had called “BrainTool”. Then, one early summer morning in 2004 just before sunrise, all band members leave the ship.

Late 2010. Singer and keyboarder Benni is hanging out at keyboarder Niels' place. There are other folks there as well and people are celebrating. Later on just on a whim, the folder with these old BrainTool songs finds itself sitting on the piano. The spontaneous performance is rather apt to fail, yet leaving the two creative minds of that old band with the feeling that something really special is hidden in that particular folder. A difficult type of awareness of life and turbulent times are captured in that folder in a unique way. A decision is being made: We are going to make a record!

Summer 2012. Benni and Niels meet BrainTool audio engineer Tobi in the rehearsal room of their new band. The songs are old and roles are being newly defined: Niels has turned into a bass player, Tobi has become a drummer. Arrangements are being redone, an entirely new design of the old music evolves without a single listen to old recordings. All the important ideas are still somewhere in their heads and all the rest can be studiously ignored. In the next months, the three are busy recording in different places: in rehearsal rooms, in their home recording studios. All tracks are brand new: Vocals, piano, drums, bass, synthesizers. The final mixdown happens at Tobi's studio.

Summer 2013. The old songs have taken on a new shape. Headstrong still, but now presentable. And presented they are! The EP with six songs is available for free download for non-commercial purposes. So, check it out, folks, and spread the word about this entirely new old work!